About Kloudy

‘’In-vogue, elegant, and durable jewelry shouldn’t have to break the bank’’ - Kloudy’s mission statement.

When I was in search of a stunning piece of jewelry for my lovely girlfriend’s birthday back in 2021, I embarked on a journey that led me to an eye-opening yet disappointing conclusion. I discovered that most jewelry brands sell low-quality pieces that tarnish too quickly and are not durable at all—pieces that you can only enjoy for a couple of times. And if you do want better quality, you'll be looking at a ridiculously high price tag.

I was looking for something in between, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any brand at all that met these criteria, which surprised me. With an entrepreneurial spirit, I couldn’t help but think that I might have found a gap in the market. And with my girlfriend’s passion for jewelry, we might even be onto something special together.

We started writing down everything that came to mind when we thought about launching our own jewelry brand. We reached out to manufacturers, and before we knew it, we started working on our very first Kloudy pieces.

After spending almost a year designing our first collection and finding the right materials to ensure our quality is the best in the game, we went ahead and finally launched Kloudy in December 2022. We have been passionately running the brand ever since.

We simply believe that in-vogue and elegant jewelry made of durable materials shouldn't have to break the bank.